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Juniper Photos: Single Rooms and Full Beds

August 06, 2014

When students talk about the new Juniper Hall, they often talk about the single rooms. There is a high demand for singles on campus, and the new Juniper increases the number of singles available for students. However, that’s just the beginning of the exciting new residence hall.

Features of Juniper Hall include:

  • Single rooms with double beds.
  • All restrooms in Juniper are individual and unisex. This provides additional privacy for all students, and comfort for transgender students on campus. Additional restroom features:
    • Placed out in the hallway (rather than shared between two rooms), so they are easy for housekeepers to clean.
    • Automated sensors turn the lights on only when someone is present, helping to conserve energy.
    • Both showers and bathtubs available.
    • High-efficiency hand dryers.
    • Water-efficient shower, sink, and toilet fixtures.
    • Heat recovery ventilation system, which re-circulates heat.
  • The entire residence hall is outfitted with LED lights.
  • Walls engineered and constructed for soundproofing between rooms.
  • Electronic room locks that can easily be replaced with updated technology down the road, which reduces obsolete equipment from the beginning of the project. Students living in Juniper will receive updated ID cards to access their rooms.

Students are excited to see Lewis & Clark investing in new residence halls, particularly after the success of Holmes Hall. “L&C has gone above and beyond,” says Sophie Swenson ’16. “Juniper shows that they’re really taking residents’ privacy and comfort into consideration. I can totally imagine the hall being a great social hub, allowing residents to focus on both the academic and social aspects of college.”

Please join Facilities Services for a pre-opening tour of the recently remodeled Juniper Residence Hall on Wednesday, August 13, from 2:15 to 3 p.m.

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