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H1N1 Flu Virus News and Information

H1N1 Update for 10/21/09

October 21, 2009

Greetings, everyone. 

We’ve seen an increase in recent weeks in the number of flu-like illness cases reported to our Student Health Service.  Over this time, we have been seeing a average of nine cases of flu-like illness per day.   At this point, the majority of these cases are mild and students are recovering well.  We also have reports that some students are self-isolating and managing their symptoms without notifying the Health Service. 

If you are a student and experience flu-like symptoms, please be sure to CALL the Student Health Service (or your primary care provider), rather than walking in.  The Student Health Service phone number is 503-768-7165.  Staff will assess your needs and determine if you need to see a medical provider.  This system reduces the chances that contagious students will be unnecessarily circulating on campus.  It also helps your health care providers in Student Health manage their patient flow more effectively.  Faculty and staff who experience flu-like symptoms are encouraged to contact their primary care provider. 

One more reminder:  If you have a health condition which puts you at high risk
for H1N1, please talk to your health care provider soon so you can be prepared.
See for a list of health conditions which might place
you at risk.

Vaccine Update for 10/21/09

We have also had a number of inquiries regarding the H1N1 vaccine.   We are working closely with Multnomah  County Health Department to secure doses of this vaccine to be distributed through the Student Health Service.  We do not yet have a definitive date as to when to expect them.  According to our local health officials, shipments to the state have been slow in coming.  Please see the news release of 10/21/09 from the Oregon Department of Human Services for more information. 

As soon as we have doses of the  H1N1 vaccine, we will be notifying the L&C community via email and posting the information on the Student Health Service website and the Source.  Please check your mails and the Student Health website regularly.  The county did receive one early shipment of a small amount of H1N1 vaccine.  The college did not receive any of those doses.  Our understanding is that these first vaccines were in high demand, and providers ran out quickly.  There may be some off-campus providers who still have some H1N1 vaccine.  For more information on where it might be available in Multnomah County, please visit their website:, or contact your health care provider.  We encourage community members to call  potential vaccination sites before going there, since suppliers may not have H1N1 vaccine, or may run out of vaccine at any time. 

Currently, we have exhausted our supply of seasonal flu vaccine.  We expect to receive more seasonal flu vaccine, and will notify our community when this vaccine is available.  Again, please monitor this website for the most current information. 

For more information, or questions, please contact the Health Promotion and Wellness Office at 503-768-7112, or


Stay well!


Melissa Osmond, MPH, CHES

Associate Director for Health Promotion

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H1N1 Flu Virus News and Information

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