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Moodle Updates for Spring 2015

January 07, 2015

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On January 7th, 2015 we upgraded Moodle from 2.6 to 2.7. Most notable in this version are improvements designed to make Moodle more accessible.

What’s Changed with 2.7 (Spring 2015)
  • New themes offer more responsive design and usability. If you used a legacy theme that is no longer available, it will be replaced by the default Lewis & Clark theme.

  • New HTML Editor option. Atto, is a new text editor which focuses on usability and accessibility. TinyMCE is still the default text editor, but you can choose to use Atto today in your Moodle Profile. We will switch to Atto as our default editor this summer.

  • Legacy assignment modules have been updated to the consolidated Assignment activity. New additions to Assignments include online text submission word limits and the ability to submit/delete on behalf of students. 

  • Enhanced conditional activities make it easier to restrict access and create more flexible custom learning paths for students.

  • Quiz management improvements include an updated question type selector, duplicating and moving questions is easier, and an option to save changes without leaving the editor. Essay questions now allow for students to attach files with no accompanying text.

Highlights from 2.6

Just in case you missed our announcement last fall!

  • Turn editing on for your course and add files, images, and even text to Moodle by dragging them from your computer to your Moodle page.  Use the move tool to drag and drop activities within your course.

  • Display folder contents on the course page.

  • You can now create and award badges to Moodle participants to show progress made in a course.  Badges are awarded based on criteria you set and students can choose to display earned badges in their Moodle profile or an Open Badges backpack.

  • Assignment improvement highlights include new marking workflow which allows control over when grades are released to students, new options for resubmissions, and the ability to annotate and comment on submitted PDF files right in the browser.


For a complete list, see New Features list for  Moodle 2.7 .

For more information:

Miranda Carney-Morris