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Grand opening of the IT service desk

January 30, 2015

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Watzek Library

I’m excited to announce the Grand Opening of our IT Service Desk!   Starting February 2nd ending on the 6th we will have food, entertainment and prizes for all.  For a full listing of events, visit:

Located in Watzek Library and found by following the blue dots, the IT Service Desk is now the single point of contact for all of your technical questions and support.   We have combined our former help desk, our IMS checkout and even IT itself to provide a unified place to get help, seek assistance, ask questions, call in a panic, or just come charge your cell phone and eat popcorn.  It is designed to be a friendly place for you to get information, report issues, and to advocate for you while the problems are being resolved.  Technology is not only becoming ubiquitous in our lives and at school, but the complexity of devices and environments are rapidly evolving and changing making it that much harder to diagnose and resolve technical problems.  To address that challenge, the Service Desk is designed to be the communication layer between those experiencing the problem and the various IT experts necessary to resolve it.  It will not only be the place to get things fixed, but also a source of information that is relevant to anyone interacting with technology on our campus.  Our goal is for it to be simple for you to get help, empower you with information, and represent your concerns until the issue is satisfied.

So please take some time to come on down, have some food and enjoy some of our special offerings. Feel free to ask questions, learn what equipment might be available for you to use and maybe even win some prizes or enjoy our free giveaways.  You may find some surprises as we continue to evolve to continue supporting our changing campus technology needs.


Adam Buchwald
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

For more information:

IT Service Desk
45.450919; -122.669177