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Information Technology

Robbie Booth - Field Technician

November 16, 2009

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    Robbie Booth

Robbie is one of two field technicians in the Instructional Media Services department.  He oversees the setup, repair and troubleshooting of A/V equipment for special events and in the classroom. Robbie joined the IT department in 2009.  He began working with Audio Visual equipment when he was working a temp summer job in a hotel; from there he moved to a photo & sound company and eventually freelanced until he came to L&C.  The other half of his life includes a 12 year relationship, friends, family, 5000 (or so) comic books, Taoist meditation, indigenous cultures, and the philosophies of people like Joseph Campbell, Jack Kornfield, Deepak Chopra, Paul Case, Joy Mann, Buddha, Jesus, Steven Hawking, and Bugs Bunny.