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Student and Departmental Account Services

The More the Better!

May 27, 2009

Over the last academic year, Student and Departmental Account Services has changed more than its name. We’ve also made some major revisions to the content of our website. Kerry Barnes is the student account specialist for students whose last name begins with the letters M-O and she is also at the forefront of improvements to our site. Kudos, Kerry!


Examples of new content include:

  • The My Account Statement page: This page includes a sample statement complete with explanatory captions to help you interpret your Statement of Account.
  • The One a Month Question: Participate in our monthly question and be entered in a drawing for $5 to Pappacino’s Coffee House.
  • The Glossary: This page lists a host of frequently used student account terms along with their definitions.
  • The Departmental Services page: This page details the services we provide to Lewis & Clark’s administrative departments.