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A Heartfelt Thank You to all Who Attended the Listening Forum

February 23, 2017

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    Dean of Diversity and Inclusion and Douglas K. Newell Professor of Law Janet W. Steverson

Hello all,

The falling of a ridiculous amount of rain on Thursday, February 16, did not deter the faculty, staff, and students from the CAS, the law school and the graduate school from participating in the committee on diversity and inclusion’s four hour listening forum. Nor did the prospect of working on a Saturday deter a different group of faculty, staf,f and students from participating in a similar four hour listening forum on February 18.

At the forums, the participants acquired and practiced the skills of mindful listening and communicating across differences. At the same time, they made connections with individuals whom they had never met.

A heartfelt thank you to all who attended! You will soon receive an evaluation form where you can provide feedback to help us improve our offerings.

This large undertaking took place without a hitch due to the guidance and assistance of the following individuals: the Campus Activities Board of the CAS who provided Thursday’s lunch; the listening forum’s planning committee (Elizabeth Guzman-Arroyo [GSEC practicum student working in J.B.’s office and organizational guru], J.B. Kim [who worked at and attended both events, making sure all volunteers were fed], Linda Lopeman [the event planning queen], Iona Musgnung [GSEC practicum student working in Janet’s office and second organizational guru], and Bruce Taft [CDI program manager and person in charge of all things]); and the volunteers for set-up and check-in (Cecilia Anguiano [law], Penny Beckwith [GSEC], Alvin Clavon [law], Doreen Corwin [law], Libby Davis [law], Shannon Davis [law], Alexis Drakatos [GSEC], Julia Huerta [GSEC], Caroline Mead [law], Diane Nguyen [law], Natasha Ong [law], Hee Weon Park [law], Reggie Raiford [law], Ben Skaggs [law], and Miiko Taylor [GSEC]).

Janet S.

Janet W. Steverson
Dean of Diversity and Inclusion and
Douglas K. Newell Professor of Law
Lewis & Clark College
10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd
Portland, OR 97219