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Student and Departmental Account Services

Welcome Shelley Pearson!

June 27, 2008

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The Cashier and Credit Office service model is for every Lewis & Clark student to have a designated student account representative. Four of the representatives in our office are each responsible for a specific alphabetic caseload of students. Through this approach our goals are to streamline the delivery of service and to foster the development of long term, interpersonal relationships between our staff and the people we serve.


On June 2nd, we welcomed Shelley Pearson as a new member of our team. Shelley is a Whitman College graduate and has spent the last five years working in a Portland Planned Parenthood clinic. Part of Shelley’s role is to be the representative for the P-Z caseload.


Please note, we are taking this opportunity to reconfigure the caseloads for all of our student account representatives. Therefore, please take a moment to visit our Office Staff page to see who your student account representative is!