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Do you block any network traffic?

December 10, 2009

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The short answer is, “No, not any of your traffic to the internet.”

The long answer is, “It depends.”  If you are in a residential network trying to access an academic network (and vice versa,) your traffic will be blocked, except to particular lab machines and servers that need to be accessed by students from their residence.  As well, if you are off-campus and trying to come in to our network, you will be blocked from accessing all computers except our web pages and e-mail servers.  If you need on-campus network access from off-campus, check into using our VPN solution on our software download page.

There are a few consequences to blocking unsolicited off-campus traffic, however.  Any traffic coming from off-campus that is not initiated from on-campus will be blocked for security reasons.  This breaks some peer-to-peer applications and hosted game servers.  If you are a resident wishing to host a server on campus (gaming server, web server, FTP server, BitTorrent Server, etc.) please contact the Information Security Officer.

For more information:

Matthew West
Network Administrator
(503) 768-7251