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What jobs do school counseling programs allow me to do? What are the job prospects like for your graduates?

December 23, 2009

The Master’s Degree in Education and Initial I School Counseling License Program allows you to work as a school counselor in K-12 schools in Oregon. Once the program requirements are completed, you are recommended for licensure to Oregon’s governing licensure body, the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC). Once your license is granted, you are then eligible to be hired as a “school counselor” in Oregon schools.  

Completing this program does not make you eligible to work as a private practitioner, LPC licensed practitioner, LMFT licensed practitioner, school psychologist, or full-time teacher. Additional training and licensure would be required for these professions (you can find information about our Teacher Education and Counseling Psychology programs elsewhere on this website). 

School counseling graduates have been very successful in finding jobs. In the past, the majority of students were hired by the summer of their graduation from the program. Of course, the economic health of school districts certainly plays a role in the number of available school counselor positions. Some of the local school districts that have hired our students include Portland Public School District, Beaverton School District, Salem-Keizer School District, Reynolds School District, West Linn-Wilsonville School District, Vancouver and Evergreen (Washington) School Districts, among others throughout the Portland metro, coastal, and rural areas of Oregon. Many students are hired even prior to completing their entire program and thus are able to work in the field while finishing up their final requirements.

While we do not have hiring placement services, we do support students as they seek employment by advertising job fairs and job openings, providing instructions for the application process and TSPC licensure application process, communicating directly with hiring districts, and providing letters of recommendation. Many of these services are offered through our office of K-12 Educational Career & Licensing Services (ECLS).

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