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Construction to begin on new pedestrian bridge

June 04, 2018

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After many months of planning, Lewis & Clark received final approval from the City of Portland’s permitting agencies this morning. Construction will begin today, with the first step being the removal of pre-approved trees from the site. Tree removal is necessary to allow for unimpeded range of motion for the construction crane that will be used to set the new bridge into place. Trunks of felled trees will be left in the ravine to function as “nurse logs,” per environmental best practices. At the completion of the project, replacement plantings will take place. 

Following tree removal, the construction area will be fenced off. The first two months of the project will involve installing piles and footings for the new bridge. After the footings are ready, pre-fabricated sections of the bridge will be moved on-site and assembled, a process that should take approximately eight weeks. 

Upon completion of the bridge structure, the deck, rails, and lighting will be installed, along with upgraded access paths and landscaping. 

The new pedestrian bridge is slated to open by late fall. Questions can be directed to Michel George, Associate Vice President, Facilities.

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