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How do I promote my event?

September 21, 2015

There are many resources and channels available to help the Lewis & Clark community publicize events. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Lewis & Clark website and external publicity

Post your event to the calendar in LiveWhale, Lewis & Clark’s content management system:

  1. Make sure you’ve included all the important details: date, time, location, place (“pin” your event on the map), title, description (a few sentences to a paragraph of information), cost (please tell us if it’s free), and contact information.
  2. Make sure you include a relevant photo.
  3. Make sure it’s tagged “open to the public.”
  4. Make sure it’s plotted on the map under “Places” to post on the digital signage (Note: If you do not want your event on the screens, tag the item “no-screens” in the Tag section”).
  5. Suggest it to “Home: Events” 

Once posted, it will be considered for:

  • Featured events listing on our homepage (NOTE: Must include photo)
  • Distribution to local media/reporters (NOTE: We send information 4-5 weeks in advance to meet deadlines. They make the selection; we cannot guarantee inclusion.)
  • Paid events ads in the OregonianWillamette Week, and Lake Oswego Review (NOTE: These ads are prepared as much as 5 weeks in advance.)
  • Lewis & Clark featured events email (sign up)
  • Promotion on Facebook and/or Twitter

For more information on the various forms of external publicity and tips on how to write about your event, see Marketing Events: The Basics.

If you do not have LiveWhale access

Follow this Quick Start Guide or contact the New Media team. 

Other resources

Event planners can spread the word about their campus events through the mailings, flyers, posters, collaborations with community groups or nonprofits in the area, and targeted email messages to groups on and off campus.

If you have questions about event promotion, feel free to contact the PR team ( Each event is different, so you should plan to set up a meeting or discuss via email what specific steps the PR team can take to support you. Please be aware that the less notice you give the PR staff, the less they can do to help you.

Go to Working With Events for helpful tips on using LiveWhale to promote events.

See your event on campus video screens

If you followed steps one through five (above), you may see a “live” version of what’s showing up on the flatscreen digital TV screens on the undergraduate, law, and graduate campuses. NOTE: Screens rotate approximately 20 upcoming events. As a result, the number of campus events on the calendar will determine when your event appears on the screen.

Share your announcement with students 

You may request that your information be included in the daily or weekly emails that are distributed to students by emailing your announcement to the appropriate contact at each school:

(Please note that these emails cannot include business solicitation.)