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Chicago Author Spotlight: Alexandra Gnoske ‘99

May 21, 2010

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    Alexandra Gnoske '99

Alexander Gnoske ‘99,  has written, illustrated and published a children’s story about a little boy, his dog, and their animal friends. Loui realizes his friends are getting hurt from garbage, so he sets out to save them.

Gnoske has long been passionate about nature, wildlife, and preserving the planet. She originally did not intend to spread the message she believes in so strongly with a children’s book. She wrote the first version of Loui Saves the Earth 19 years ago just to entertain her two-year-old nephew, and she had no plans to publish it. Instead, Gnoske sought other ways to participate in Chicago’s green community.

She was recently interviewed by the Chicagoist about her book and her environmentally friendly, ecologically sustainable, socially responsible t-shirt company, Recycle Me.


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