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Jonathan Gourlay B.A. ’92 and Kristin Espeland B.A. ’94, August 1, 2009, in Oak Park, Illinois.

Yvonne Muhar Miller B.A. ’99 and Christopher Miller B.A. ’00, August 15, 2009.

Dana Clark B.A. ’05 and Sean Scott, August 21, 2009, in Gearhart, Oregon. MJ Petroni B.A. ’06 officiated, Daniel McKeegan B.A. ’07 was ceremony musician, and Stephanie Bosse-Farmer B.A. ’07 was a reader. Matt Lang B.A. ’07, Brie Gibson B.A. ’07, Ho’onani Andermann B.A. ’07, Shawn Pankratz B.A. ’07, Nathan Holmes B.A. ’08, Caitlin Fackrell B.A. ’06, Lilly Hankins B.A. ’07, and Ann Parker CAS ’06 also attended.

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