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Fulfilling Recycle Requests - Please Backup Your Current Recycle Computer’s Data

August 27, 2010

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Due to several computer lab replacements this Summer, we have a fine selection of both Macs and PCs in our Recycle Computer Pool.

If you have not done so already, please feel free to fill out a Recycle Computer request form to replace your aging student workstations or to add to your office.

Please remember that when a Recycle Computer is replaced, your data will not be transferred. In fact, you should not trust any important data on a Recycle Computer. These computer are beyond warranty and may fail at any moment. If you wish to retain any data from these computers, we suggest you backup to a LC Files, a flash drive or WebDisk.

We will keep our eyes peeled as we work around campus for any aging Recycle Computers that we can replace. Look out!

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