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Public Printing at L&C

September 01, 2011

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Yes, there are laser printers available in the public computing labs (Watzek and Dubach) to which students can print. Not only are there the black and white laser printers, but there is also a color laser printer in Watzek and even more specialized large format and photo printers available in the Resource Lab. However, using these printers is not entirely free.

Lewis & Clark’s printing policy was originally established about ten years ago as a way to discourage wasted paper and toner that was occurring. Many students were printing documents multiple times leaving the unclaimed prints stacked on the printers. In response, we established a print quota that met the needs of the majority of students on campus, while those who printed over this amount were charged a nominal amount.

Several years ago, to address the increase of student readings being put online and to allow students to also use their printing quota for the specialized printing available in the Resource Lab, IT began a process of re-evaluating our printing policy. When students expressed frustration last year about changes that IT had made to the printing policy over the summer, we met with student representatives from ASLC to review and hone the policy to best meet the printing needs of students while continuing to encourage thoughtful printing practices.

The result is that each student will receive a printing balance of 650 sheets of printing each August, shortly before Fall Semester. This balance is to last the entire year requiring student to manage their printing over the two semesters. Any remaining sheets will not carry from year to year, but will be reset each August. Students enrolled in summer classes will receive an additional 250 sheets of printing each May.

A sheet consists of one piece of paper, so if you print on both sides, or duplex, then this will extend your printing quota to as much as double. However, printing to the color printer in Watzek will deduct six sheets from your printing balance. If students exhaust their 650 sheets of free printing, additional sheets may be purchased online using a credit card at or with cash or check at the Student Accounts office in Templeton Campus Center for $.06 per page.

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