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Student Trial Lawyers Association

October 08, 2010

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Executive Board Members:

  • President: Drake Aehegma

About Us: The Student Trial Lawyers Association sponsors a variety of panels throughout the year on topics relevant to students interested in pursuing a career in trial practice. STLA operates in conjunction with Oregon Trial Lawyers Association offering mentoring programs and networking/social events throughout the year.

Mission: The Student Trial Lawyers Association is committed to fostering interest in the variety of trial practice careers that exist in the legal profession and educating students about how best to prepare for a career as a trial lawyer.

Goals: Recruit at least 50 new members; recruit and train new executive board members (Combination of 2L and 1Ls).

Agenda: This year, STLA is planning a panel on toxic torts; the demise of the jury trial; as well a as various social and networking events. Specific events include speaking engagements and exciting new events forthcoming throughout the year.

For more information:

Drake Aehegma, President