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Dave Captein

Dave Captein is an accomplished performer on both string bass and bass
guitar, having worked as a professional musician for over 35 years in  the Pacific Northwest. A Portland native, he studied with Alice Leyden  (Portland Opera Orchestra), Herman Jobelmann (Principal, Oregon  Symphony), Ring Warner, James Harnett (Principal, Seattle Symphony)  and Chuck Deardorf (Seattle Jazz Bassist). A music graduate of Western  Washington University and the University of Washington, where he was  awarded a composition scholarship, Dave has performed in a broad range  
of situations, from symphonic performances to studio and club work, as  well as many jazz concerts and festivals around the country and in Europe.

He has worked with many well known jazz artists.  He freelances in the Portland area, and is a very active member of the music community there, frequently appearing in the city’s many clubs and concert venues, as well as recording studios. He is a favorite choice for the  region’s many bandleaders and always in demand for his solid sound,  time and feel, as well as his soloing abilities. He has played on  numerous local artists’ CD’s, as well as nationally distributed  releases by Tom Grant and Jessica Williams. He has also been a long  time instructor, having taught at the University of Oregon for 10  years, he now teaches privately from his home in S.E. Portland and (here) at Lewis and Clark College.

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Dave Captein’s office is located in .

Dave Captein Instructor of Bass

Lewis & Clark 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road Portland OR 97219 USA