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Michael S Ford

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    Michael Ford with Remy Neymarc '13, co-founder of Neymarc Visuals

Brief overall description here by each senior to summarize his/her experience as an undergraduate.  Can add hyperlinks as noted above and tailor this document at will.


Aurora, Colorado, USA

Academic Major(s)


Class of ... (expected graduation year)


Overseas and/or Off Campus Program


Awards and Recognitions

Graduated cum laude and still hold the record as the only varsity basketball player in the history of my alma mater to have scored only one point.  My singular athletic achievement, so to speak.  There are, I’m sure, no records of this, but you just can’t make this stuff up.

Senior Capstone Project

Overview of all written works by Soren Kirkegaard, Danish Philosopher

How I Shaped the College

I was involved in student government, traveled on behalf of the university for admissions, served in several student service organizations, played varsity tennis, and junior varsity basketball.

How the College Shaped Me

Because of my work in philosophy as a major, I not only became a life long learner and follower of issues both philosophical and religious, I was also able to teach coursework in Ethical and Political Philosophy at Yuba Community College while I served in the USAF.

That interest has prompted ongoing study of comparative religious traditions, particularly the work of Bishop John Shelby Spong, theologian Marcus Borg, and most recently the work of Resa Aslan who has written definitive works about both Islam and early Christianity.

That sense of wonder and interest in creating connections between the academic and the co-curricular has found expression throughout my career in working with students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff colleagues, trustees and life trustees.


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Michael Ford
MSC 37
Lewis & Clark College
Portland, OR  97219

Michael S Ford

Lewis & Clark 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road Portland OR 97219 USA