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Mahmoud Ahmed

Class of 2019

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I was born in Germany and I lived there with my parents and younger brother for 8 years.  We lived there because my Mom completed her Masters and PHD in Economics in Germany. Then we moved back to Sudan where I lived for another 8 years, because my parents wanted me to know my culture and experience my heritage. I then moved to Costa Rica for 2 years, as I was accepted into UWCCR, where I completed High School, and met amazing people.

In my two years in Costa Rica, I have been forced to discover myself and others alike. I was a Resident Assistant (RA), and as an RA I had the chance to interact with people on a very personal level. What I enjoyed the most about my UWC experience was the stories I heard and the knowledge and love I gained from other people.

I decided to attend Lewis & Clark for several reasons. Firstly, I heard Portland was an awesome city, where I would get to meet amazing people. The academics at Lewis & Clark are amazing, and I love the programs and the things they have to offer.

I think that in Lewis & Clark, I will major in Biology and/or Politics. Biology because I have always had a passion for biology; the human anatomy and how it functions alongside evolution and the impacts it had on the way organisms interact today. And as I come from a socio-politically active family, I have always been around politics, and have been exposed to discussions regarding global politics and how it impacts both my family and my country.  I am interested equally in the sciences as I am in the humanities. I have a deep love for physics and biology, as well as politics, philosophy, history, religious theology and Art.

In terms of what I do for fun, I love watching movies. And I don’t mean Blockbusters, I am talking about well-made movies, which qualify as art, such as Reservoir dogs, Pulp Fiction, Leon the professional, Fight club. I also really love dancing, but I don’t really know how good I am, since I taught myself. And everyone who knows me can tell you that I love discussing/debating anything and everything.

Although most people say this, I am a really open person, and by that I mean super open, like I will accept most people as long as they are not totally evil inside. Also I am a very accepting person, I don’t care about race, sexuality, gender, beliefs, or anything, as long as you are fundamentally good (and it is very hard not to be) then we can easily become friends.

As Lewis & Clark, I hope to accomplish the goals that I set myself, and become the person that I hope to be. I want to study hard, and understand what it is that I want to do once I graduate from College.

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