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Powell Houser


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Powell’s professionalism and attention to detail went above and beyond any expectations I had for this project. Powell’s work is incredible and he was fantastic to work with (he is always fantastic to work with). The students are really excited about the space and how they’ll be able to better utilize it now with these new counters.

Thanks to Powell for his great work.

- Jason Feiner, Director of Student Activities


I really have to say THANK YOU in print for the amazing table you produced! It is GORGEOUS! We have tried so hard to please the widow of the artist whose work is in the gallery right now. She loves the table and seeing it with her husband’s books on it really made her light up.

I am deeply touched that you would squeeze this major project into your schedule. Thank you ever so much!

- Linda Tesner, Director of the Hoffman Gallery of Art


Thanks to Powell Houser for his work this weekend during the rain storm.

- Michel George, Associate Vice President for Facilities