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Fernanda Savaris Nunez

Class of 2021

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I come from the countryside of Brazil where I studied at a military school and did judo professionally until 2014, when I got the opportunity to go to the UWC in Italy, where I spent two transforming years, then got out and decided to keep living the UWC mission, professionally and personally. I then decided to spend a bridge year in Senegal with an organization called Global Citizen Year, another opportunity from the Davis scholarships for me. There I lived with a host family, learned about the Senegalese culture and about myself and how to be a better leader. After these intense months across the ocean, I was lucky again to receive another scholarship that is yet to transform my life.

UWC taught me that a supportive community can be incredibly beneficial to all who have the chance to experience it. I was given a chance to be myself, a self that seeks constant improvement and is humbly supportive of others. The most valuable aspect of UWC for me is the singularity of every person there, and the opportunity we have to be who we want to be. When choosing colleges I guess I went towards the potential similarities my next academic step could have with the UWC lifestyle. I wanted a small school with open-minded people and a diverse yet tight community where I could rest assured that everybody will be valued equally, and Lewis and Clark fit perfectly in this description.

My biggest academic interest at L&C is social sciences. I have always wanted to work towards a more just society, using my work to make change and better the lives of others, and working with social development was the way I found to do that.  I have witnessed many types of oppression from an early age, as the society in which I was raised can be easily considered sexist, racist, unequal and even genocidal if we consider the indigenous cause seriously. As a consequence, I grew a deep interest in subjects that helped me understand society and how to change it so everybody has a chance to be happy.

Outside the classroom, I enjoy outdoor activities and travelling has been my main hobby since before UWC. Because of the friends I made there, I had the chance to go all over Europe and to two other countries in South America. I also like drawing and writing poems and I use that as a valuable form of expression. More than everything though, I truly enjoy spending time with people as I believe everybody has something to share.

By the end of my 4 years at Lewis and Clark, I hope I will have lived a memorable and valuable experience at which I will look back on in the future and be completely grateful for. I wish to meet interesting people, make good friends and learn from every day I live there.

United World College

United World College of the Adriatic (Italy)