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  • What Others Say About Garcia-Velasco
  • Lewis & Clark students struggling with what to do with their lives have a vast resource ready at hand—roughly 20,000 undergraduate alumni who have already (at least in most cases) figured it out for themselves.
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  • 2012 Women’s Basketball Honors
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    Sidebar: Hunting for Mushrooms
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    Sidebar: Jordan’s Bio
  • Sidebar: 2011 Football Honors
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    Betsy Amster, the wife of Barry Glassner, says she has always been a book person. “My mother used to read to my sister and me every night around the kitchen table,” she says. “That experience turned me into a child who took out six books from the library at a time.” Read more.
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    Shelby Davis made a major impact when he launched the Davis UWC Scholars Program in 2000. To date, he’s invested more than $200 million in the program, making him one of the nation’s largest donors to international education.
  • With all the world’s problems, some question whether animal law is a relevant area of study, but thousands of local ordinances, state statutes, and federal laws have been passed addressing animals and their relationships to humans.
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    Here are some of the intriguing details revealed in Pamplin Professor Stephen Dow Beckham’s latest book, Fortune and Friendship: Lewis & Clark’s Heritage Properties.
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    G.B. Arrington B.A. ‘72 shares his insights on what works for Smart Growth.
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    A rich history of Lewis & Clark College’s choral music program.
  • Progress in international environmental law can be agonizingly slow; it requires sustained and persistent effort. Yet IELP has amassed impressive results. 
  • Linda Christensen is a leader in the fight for social justice in education. The award-winning writing teacher and education advocate is the author of two books on teaching writing and coeditor of the journal Rethinking Schools. But, she says, it took years for her to find her own voice.
  • In fall 2008, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching named Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell, associate professor of psychology, Outstanding Baccalaureate Colleges Professor of the Year.
  • Sidebar: Talking Recklessly
  • Bon Appétit feeds Lewis & Clark students well. To improve on a good thing, the Palo Alto–based company, which provides food service to 150 companies, restaurants, and campuses at 400 locations across the United States, is going local.
  • Ask Pulitzer Prize–winner Alice Walker why she recently awarded her papers to Emory University, and she will tell you: “Having visited several libraries at different universities, I realized the importance to me of a lively, diverse, committed-to-human-growth atmosphere.”
  • Susan Peoples, from Bend, Oregon, and Lewis Sharp, from Westchester County, New York, met at Lewis & Clark in the early 1960s during what was then called freshman orientation. Despite the beanie on his head–de rigueur for new students at the time–she thought he looked intriguing.
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    Sidebar: Blueprint for a Museum of National Standing
  • Hold the date–January 31, 2008.
  • 15. Use a push mower to cut your lawn instead of a power mower. CO2 reduction = 80 lbs/year
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    Lewis & Clark College toasts its many alumni and friends who are active in the wine industry. We’ve done our best to include everyone, but we may have missed a few. If you know of others, please e-mail so we can add their names to our online version of this article. Thank you–and cheers!
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    When Jean Ward joined the undergraduate faculty of Lewis & Clark in 1964, the College had no gender studies program, no related symposium, no affirmative action or sexual harassment policies, and no critical mass of women faculty. By the time she retired in spring 2006, 42 years later, all of those elements were firmly in place.
  • Lewis & Clark College unites the Sack brothers for more reasons than one. Not only are all four brothers alumni, but so are three of their wives.
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    Two years ago, as a senior in Greg Hermann’s fall-semester cell biology class, Shannon McGonagle ‘04 found herself reviewing an inordinate number of research papers produced by a certain Nobel Prize-winning worm lab in Massachusetts. Barely seven months later, she had landed a job as that lab’s research technician.
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