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  • How to view and export form submissions.
  • How to manage your forms.
  • How to remove a form in LiveWhale.
  • How to create a form in LiveWhale.
  • How to tag a form.
  • How to suggest your event to other groups
  • After a few weeks of testing, I am happy to report we have rolled out LiveWhale forms to all users this morning. Furthermore, over the course of the spring semester we will replace most of the old forms we are currently using on our website (which are built using outdated web languages cgi/perl and are therefore not as secure or robust as we would want) in favor of the new LiveWhale forms technology. This will make it much easier for you to build and maintain yo…
  • One enduring challenge I’ve experienced on the Lewis & Clark LiveWhale website has been what do when people need new forms on their webpages. The only solution we have had is cgi-perl script forms from our legacy server that are frankly a pain to work with. To solve this dilemma once and for all, hooray, we are currently implementing two exciting new tools for adding forms to your webpages. One is an external service called Wufoo and the other is an internal L…