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    July 14
    It came to the attention of Information Technology late last week that Google was catching  email reminders regarding the need to change your password in their spam filter.  The result was that people’s passwords expired with little or no advance notice. Since learning of this issue, Information Technology has identified why the emails were being caught as spam and have changed our process to resolve the issue.
  • October 25
    Over recent years Romania has experienced a rise in large scale organized crimes.  Common among these crimes are wide-scale internet frauds that often target victims living within the United States.
  • October 24
    The Romanian criminal system is substantially different from the system in the United States.
  • October 23
    In Romania an indictment officially starts the criminal case in court.  The indictment is a document summarizing the alleged criminal offenses, the charges against the defendant(s), any evidence, and statements of the victims.  It is the final document that is attached to the investigation file at the end of the investigation.  The indictment (with the entire investigation file) is sent to the court to invest the court with authority over the case.  When this entire file is sent to the court a judge for the case is chosen by an electronic system.   Once this happens, the judge’s clerk will mail summonses to any victim identified in the investigation file.
  • October 22
    Once a case is presented to the first instance (trial) court, cases do not proceed as quickly as they do in the United States.
  • October 21
    To be recognized as a “victim” with the right to participate in the criminal process in the Romanian criminal justice system, a person must file a formal complaint.  These complaints (and the accompanying evidence) must be received by the Romanian prosecutor or the court through “official channels”, which usually means the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • October 20
    When considering what counts as a monetary loss there are two considerations.
  • October 19
    In the Romanian system, a victim of crime (whether that person be a parte vatamata or a parta civila) has the right to file complaints, make statements to the prosecution and the court during the trial, and make statements to the court at sentencing if the offender is convicted.
  • October 18
    There is no requirement that a victim be represented by an attorney in a case in Romania.
  • October 17
    Restitution is financial recovery from the offender(s).
  • October 16
    There are three stages of a criminal case in Romania
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