L&C Magazine | Winter 2011

Featured Stories

  • Stuart Kaplan: 30 Years as KLC Advisor

    The second time Stuart Kaplan was “kidnapped” by KLC DJs, a group of students drove up to the door of his house and strongly suggested he get into their car. He wound up joining the merry pranksters on a road trip to Eugene for his first and only Grateful Dead concert. “Sure, I went,” the mild-mannered communication professor says now, laughing at the memory of the late-’80s adventure. “I had a lot of fun.”
  • Tuning Into KLC Radio

    Alumni and current students celebrate the eclectic and sometimes edgy voice of campus radio.
  • New Leadership for a New Decade

    Barry Glassner, a noted cultural commentator, is Lewis & Clark’s 24th president.
  • Lewis & Clark Congratulates a Rhodes Scholar

    Tamma Carleton BA ’09, a gifted scholar-athlete, is one of only 32 people in the United States to be named a Rhodes Scholar for 2011.
  • A New Venture for Betsy Amster

    Betsy Amster, the wife of Barry Glassner, says she has always been a book person. “My mother used to read to my sister and me every night around the kitchen table,” she says. “That experience turned me into a child who took out six books from the library at a time.” Read more.
  • Connecting With American History

    Lewis & Clark is leading the way to improve how history is taught in rural Oregon—and beyond.
  • The Questioning Life

    Young alumni pursue answers to diverse scientific questions as 2010 National Science Foundation Fellows.

President's Letter

Listening, Learning, Leading

“So, what did you learn today?” It’s the question that everyone hears after the first day of school, and it’s how my wife, Betsy, greeted me after my first day at Lewis & Clark. I answered right away: “The students at Lewis & Clark are careful readers!”

On Palatine Hill

  • Pull-Up Pamplin Challenge

    Can you do 20 pull-ups? In a suit and tie? At age 69? Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. ’64, ’65, ’66 can–and he wondered if other members of the Lewis & Clark community could as well.
  • A Top ‘Green’ Law School

    Lewis & Clark Law School has been named among the Top Green Law Schools in the country by preLaw magazine.
  • PioSports

    Football, Cross Country and Volleyball updates.
  • Wherefore Art Thou, O Modern Romeo and Juliet?

    In less then four days of real time and about three hours of stage time, two young people manage to fall in love at first sight, sleep with each other, cause murderous mayhem among their friends and relatives, run away from home, hastily marry in a questionable ceremony, consume drugs supplied by a shady religious guru, break their parents’ hearts, and ultimately do away with themselves.
  • Documenting Life

    Have you ever wanted to be a documentarian for your family, community, or workplace but felt you lacked the tools?
  • Untangling the Food Chain

    Unseasonably warm weather, live music, and a colorful Food Fair marked the beginning of Lewis & Clark’s 13th annual Environmental Affairs Symposium, held in mid-October.
  • Whiz Bang Blog

    What does our galaxy smell like? How afraid of asteroids should we really be? How does universe make the building blocks of life?
  • Gardner Greets Portland

    On October 8, Howard Gardner, renowned education scholar and MacArthur Fellow, spoke to more than 800 educators about the future of education at Portland’s first Creating Minds Symposium, cosponsored by Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling.
  • Judaic Moroccan Papers Go Digital

    What began with simple curiosity about a small room filled with bags of papers in a synagogue in Rabat, Morocco, has become a project that will help change the way anthropologists and historians document cultures around the world.
  • Class of 2014

    Total first-year applications: 5,281
    Applications submitted online: 98%
    Students in the class of 2014: 495
  • Honoring Shelby and Gale Davis

    On September 29, Lewis & Clark hosted a dessert and champagne reception in honor of Shelby and Gale Davis, benefactors of the Davis United World College Scholars Program.

Alumni News

Outstanding Alumni to Be Honored

Each year, Lewis & Clark honors alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences for their outstanding accomplishments and community service. We’re proud to announce the 2011 honorees, who will receive their awards at the Alumni Honors Banquet on February 19.


  • Cofounders of Pacific Crest Community School

    Pacific Crest, located in northeast Portland, is a fully accredited independent school for grades 7 through 12. It was founded in 1993 by Becky Lukens MAT ’90, Ed.S. ’10, Jenny Osborne MAT ’94, and three other teachers.
  • Turning Up the Heat on Cold Climate Housing

    In the dead of winter in Fairbanks, Alaska, when temperatures average 10 degrees below zero—and sometimes drop to 40 below—Suzanne Bishop BS ’82 is snug and safe inside the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, monitoring high-tech sensors, compiling data, and planning for her summer garden.
  • Oregon’s Newest Supreme Court Justice

    Jack Landau BA ’75, JD ’80 was nervous when, as a newly minted lawyer, he walked into the office of U.S. District Court Judge Robert Belloni to interview for a clerkship. He sat down, glanced at the judge’s desk, and began to sweat.
  • Illustrating Darwin

    Nicolle Rager Fuller BS ’99 combines her interests in science and art to give readers a new perspective on Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Honoring alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who have recently passed.