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Student and Departmental Account Services

Student Account Policies

Lewis & Clark reserves the right to assess late fees to all past due student accounts. Late fees will be assessed as follows: balances of $399 and below are subject to a per semester $10 late fee, balances of $400 and above are subject to a per semester $100 late fee.

Additionally, students with outstanding account balances will not be allowed to register or attend courses for future semesters. Existing registration for future terms may be cancelled as a result of an outstanding account balance. Lewis & Clark also reserves the right to withhold grade reports, transcripts, bar certifications (if applicable) and diplomas. Full payment of any balance due is required to facilitate the release of these documents and/or to clear a student for class re-registration. Students are responsible for their costs whether or not you have retrieved your statement. Any semester costs incurred after the semester due date has passed is considered due upon receipt.

Should a payment be returned by the bank it will result in a $15 fee on the Lewis & Clark student account.

Media Fee

The Student Media Fee supports all student produced media. Started by a student led initiative in the spring of 2011, the Student Senate of the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark established the student media fee of $20 per semester. Student leaders feel strongly that as a community they can support the Student Media Board’s guarantee of a free and responsible student media by providing an opt-out student media fee. For a list of media supported by the fee and further discussion of the initiative, please click here

Green Power Fee

The Green Energy Fee is a voluntary fee incurred on the student account each fall. Students can choose to ‘opt out’ of the $20 annual charge no later than the second week of the fall term. The fee is the result of a student initiative to purchase renewable energy to support 100% of campus energy usage. Any remaining funds support initiatives and projects that promote renewable or sustainable energy. For further discussion of the Green Power Initiative, please click here

The deadline to opt-out of the the Media Fee and/or the Green Power Fee for 2016/17 is September 12, 2016.To waive the Media Fee and/or the Green Power Fee, please access WebAdvisor: Student Initiative Opt-Out.