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My anticipated financial aid exceeds my costs, how do I receive the excess?

Financial aid will be applied to student accounts and will be used to address charges incurred, such as tuition and fees as well as room and board if a student resides on-campus. Financial aid funds cannot be applied until the appropriate paperwork has been completed and the funds are received. Aid applied to a student account that exceeds the amount a student has been charged may be refunded to the student. Refunds will be processed after the first day of classes in each term and only when a credit actually exists on a student account. Refunds must be used to cover education-related expenses such as off-campus living expenses, transportation and/or books and supplies.

Federal law requires that if a credit balance on a student’s account is the result of a Federal Direct PLUS Loans for parents, that credit balance must be sent to the parent borrower unless the borrower has submitted written authorization allowing the excess to be released to the student. Such an authorization must be on file for each Federal Direct PLUS Loan borrowed.

Credit balances of $1 or more will be refunded either via electronic payment or via paper check. Refunds processed via paper check payable to the student will be mailed to the preferred mailing address on record unless that address is an international address.* A check made payable to the parent borrower will be mailed to their address on record with Lewis & Clark.

Please review the catalog of the school for which you are enrolled for further refund policy information.

*Checks issued to a student with an international address may be retrieved at Student and Departmental Account Services during our hours of operation.