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How E-Bill works


Electronic billing (E-Bill) is a service that enables you to view, print and/or download your Lewis & Clark student account statement from the web and submit payments online. This system is completely paperless and provides you with the convenience of web-based viewing and payment options. 

Email notification will be sent to students’ Lewis & Clark email, as well as authorized users’ email, each time a new statement is ready for viewing. This email will include a hyperlink you can click in order to view your billing information and submit payments.

Additionally, students can establish shared access for  their designee(s) to view their student account statement. Designees will also receive email notification when a new statement is available for viewing. Instructions on how to establish shared access are available here.

All information through E-Bill is confidential and specific to each individual user. No one, including multiple payers on the same account, has access to another’s account information. Bank account and payment information can only be accessed using your User ID and Password. Be sure to keep your E-Bill User ID and Password confidential and in a safe place.

E-Bill Q and A:

1. How do I provide parents/sponsors access to my student account statement?

For instructions how to establish shared access for your designee(s) click here.

2. Can I mail my payment?

While online payment is the preferred method of payment, if you wish to mail your payment, please print your bill and submit the remittance form at the top of the bill with your payment.  Mail the payment to the address indicated on the remittance form.

3. What do I do if I forget my password or want to change my current password?

On the E-Bill log-in page click on “Forgot Password?” or “Change Password?” This will open a new window where you will be required to provide your User ID in order to either have your new password sent to your designated email address, or establish your new password. 

4  Why doesn’t my E-Bill show the payment I just made?

E-Bill is not a ”˜live’ interface. It is a PDF snapshot of your student account activity at the time the statement was generated. Real time itemization of your student account activity is available through WebAdvisor. However, unlike E-Bill, shared access for your designee(s) is not an option through WebAdvisor.

5. How do I view charges or payments posted after the E-Bill was generated?

To view real time itemization of the most recent activity on your student account, log-in to WebAdvisor and select “My Account Statement” on your student menu selection. Through this option you will be able to see all transactions on your student account, as well as access online payment.

6.  How can I view and/or print my bill if I do not have a computer at home?

There are a number of areas on campus where students have computer access to view and/or print their statement.  For individuals not on campus, options include:

  • Visit a public library or internet cafe to access your bill.
  • Ask a family member or friend who has a computer.

7. How do I make payments?

Online payment using E-Bill is quick and easy. Simply click on the payment option, verify account, amount, and scheduling information on the screen, then submit the payment. Once your transaction is complete you will receive online confirmation that your payment has been submitted. .

Please note, payments will only occur when you actively submit them online. Once a payment is submitted it will be posted to your Lewis & Clark student account the following business day. To avoid a semester late fee or holds, online payments should be made at least 2 business days prior to the deadline.