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Gift Receiving Procedure

Gift Receiving Procedure

The Advancement Services Assistant will be the main point of reception for all gifts. The Assistant will check the lock-box outside of the Gifts Technician cubicle once every business day at 2:00 p.m. In addition to the lock-box, the Assistant will receive campus mail (including U.S. Postal Service delivery) every business day and will check the storage room every business day for any gifts that have been slipped under the door. Any gift that comes in any other way will be directed to the Assistant.

Once a gift is received, the Assistant and the Demographics Technician will open and stamp each gift with a date and time. Then they will count each gift and deliver the received and counted gift(s) to the Gifts Technician. The gifts will be in order by type of gift (credit card, cash, check, etc.).

If a check or credit card gift greater than or equal to $1,000 is received with no gift booking form, the Assistant will photocopy the gift type and deliver the copy to the appropriate development officer. The development officer or his/her staff is responsible for completing the gift booking form and returning it to Advancement Services within one business day. The Assistant will then stamp the gift booking form with a date and time and deliver the gift to the Gifts Technician.