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General Safety Policy

Lewis & Clark College
Facilities Services
Policy and Procedure

Subject: General Safety Policy
Policy #:
Division: Business & Finance
Department: Facilities Services
Date: May 2012


To help establish a safe and secure learning and working environment by eliminating conditions and practices that pose a threat of injury or occupational illness to members of the Lewis & Clark Community. To comply with the provisions of OAR 437-01-760.

Policy Statement:

Lewis & Clark College considers protecting the health and well being of the campus community to be of the highest importance. In furtherance of this goal, the following general safety rules for all departments are established.


  1. Employees will report all injuries immediately to the person in charge of their department. This department head will ensure that the Lewis & Clark Associate Director/Benefits Manager is notified of the occurrence. No employee shall go to a physician or other medical practitioner for treatment of any on-the-job injury without notifying the Associate Director/Benefits Manager - except under emergency conditions in which case said employee will notify the Associate Director/Benefits Manager as soon as possible after treatment is received.
  2. To ensure the systemic causes for accidents can be determined as accurately as possible, complete cooperation in accident investigation is required of all employees.
  3. Personal protective equipment must be work when required by specific department or College policy. Any deficiencies in personal protective equipment must be reported to the activity supervisor immediately.
  4. Certain areas of the campus workplaces are inherently hazardous, requiring close attention to procedure. Therefore, no practical jokes, scuffling, or horseplay will be permitted in workplaces.
  5. To eliminate the possibility of a serious injury, employees must not operate a machine unless guards, or methods of guarding are in good working order, in place, and operative.
  6. Only trained and authorized persons shall operate machinery or equipment.
  7. Safety recommendations or hazard alerts are encouraged. Recommendations/alerts will be reported to the Risk Management Coordinator at extension 7872.
  8. A violation of safety policies or posted safety rules will be cause for progressive disciplinary action. Repeat violations may result in suspension or termination at the option of the College.


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