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Schedule of Work

Lewis & Clark College
Facilities Services
Policy and Procedure

Subject: Scheduling of Work
Policy #:
Department: Facilities Services
Date: May 2012


To ensure that information regarding scheduled maintenance, facilities renewal, facilities modification, and emergency repair is transmitted to affected members of the campus community.

Policy Statement:

It is the responsibility of all persons within Facilities Services who schedule projects to notify an area’s occupants and users one week in advance of a project start date of scheduled activities which may adversely affect an area’s function. All building occupants should be notified of emergency repairs as soon as is reasonably possible. All care will be exercised to minimize the disturbance of building occupants or an area’s users while simultaneously maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of facility maintenance, renewal, modification, or emergency processes.


Supervisors in charge of all operations, which include but are not limited to, painting, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, heating, and locksmithing (re-keying — refer to locksmith policy for detailed notification procedures) will notify occupants of campus buildings where scheduled projects are performed. If significant disturbance (including displacement, perceived noise, smell, or great visual displeasure) of building occupants is anticipated to be caused by scheduled operation, initial contact with the building occupants will be ‘in person’ or by telephone. In all situations, notification will consist of a written schedule of tasks provided to the appropriate department chair, secretary, and/or personnel affected by scheduled work. Written communication shall be received by the appropriate building occupants one week in advance of the scheduled project starting date.

For projects in some buildings or areas, it may be appropriate for Facilities Services personnel to post notice of expected project activity.

EMERGENCY REPAIR: In the event of an unscheduled (emergency) repair, notification will initially be performed through verbal communication. Facilities Services will then post notices on the main entry doors of the building where a process is being executed. These notices will be posted as soon as possible after a response to an emergency call.


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