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Table and Chair Use Policy

Lewis & Clark College
Facilities Services
Policy and Procedure

Subject: Facilities Services Table and Chair Use Policy
Policy #:
Division: Business and Finance
Department: Facilities Services
Date: May 2012


Facilities Services delivers and sets up folding tables and chairs for all College sponsored events. Facilities Services will provide this equipment without charge as long as it is being used on campus and until inventory is depleted by college-sponsored users.

When Facilities Services’ inventory is in use for College sponsored events and more tables and chairs are requested, the requesting departments will be responsible for paying the rental cost. Non-College sponsored events and users will be billed for use of tables and chairs regardless of whether they are from Facilities Services’ inventory or they are rented. This charge will help provide revenue to replace tables and chairs as they age.


Facilities Services’ inventory of tables and chairs will be available for College sponsored events on a first-come first-serve basis taken from the date of the Work Order received at the Facilities Services office. Requests must be received not more than two months or less than two weeks prior to the event.

Cost for tables and chairs that are rented for College sponsored events and non-College sponsored events because Facilities Services’ inventory is depleted will be allocated to the requesting department or group at the following rates:

30” x 72” folding tables 9.00 a day, 18.00 a week

folding chairs 1.10 a day, 2.20 a week

There will also be a 110.00 pick-up and delivery charge for rental equipment. This is the exact cost billed by the rental company.

Non-College sponsored event users will not be able to use Facilities Services’ tables and chairs.

If any damage or loss occurs to the Facilities Services’ equipment during usage, there will be charges to the event sponsor to offset replacement costs.


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