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Use and Fabrication of Tools

Lewis & Clark College
Facilities Services
Policy and Procedure

Subject: Use and Fabrication of Tools
Policy #:
Division: Business and Finance
Department: Facilities Services
Date: May 2012


To assist in the creation and maintenance of a hazard-free learning and working environment at Lewis & Clark College.

Policy Statement:

Due to the specialized nature of some of the work which is performed on campus (by both faculty and support staff), there are tools in use on campus which are not owned by the College. These tools, if not properly certified and maintained, present a safety hazard. This purpose of this policy is to minimize the hazard.


  1. The use of tools or equipment by employees of Lewis and Clark College not owned by Lewis & Clark College is to be discouraged (unless the use of such tools or equipment is specifically mandated by an employment contract). The first level supervisor will have direct responsibility for this discouragement.
  2. If it is necessary for an employee of the College (as determined and approved by the first level supervisor) to use non-college equipment or tools to accomplish a particular specialized task, then:

a)the piece of equipment or tool to be used must meet OSHA, U.L., F.M., E.T.L., ANSI, NIOSH, or MSHA standards (whichever applicable safety standard is more stringent for the device of interest or is specifically mandated by pertinent regulations) for the specified task when manufactured, and,

b)the piece of equipment or tool to be used must not have been modified in any way which would lower its initial safety rating since the date of its original manufacture.

3. When equipment for classroom or laboratory demonstration is built in College shops, it should be designed not only to demonstrate the desired principle but also to ensure the safety of the operator and of the observers.

4. Laboratory research equipment which is designed and operated in a research laboratory environment should be designed and operated in a manner which alleviates any known or suspected dangers to the operator, to an observer, or to the environment.

5. The Lewis & Clark Risk Management Coordinator is to be consulted for a final opinion concerning any questions which arise pertaining to the safety of a particular piece of equipment owned by an individual which is used in the performance of duties for the College.

6. An inventory of personal equipment approved for use at the College will be maintained by the appropriate first level supervisor and a copy of this inventory will be filed with the Risk Management Coordinator.


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