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Facilities strives to collaborate across administrative and academic divisions the success of operational and capital projects. Please check back often for current and upcoming projects.

Staff Profiles

  • Image preview Rob Lane

  • Image preview Brief bio of Jabu Boka

  • Image preview Brief bio of Bob Tomlin

  • Image preview Brief bio of Sean Bishop

  • Image preview Ian Gadberry

  • Image preview Dave Voetglin

  • Image preview Michel George is currently Associate Vice President for Facilities at Lewis & Clark College.

  • Image preview David Ryan

  • Image preview Brief bio of Larry Atchison

  • Image preview Amy was born in Portland and raised in Gladstone, OR.

  • Image preview Jerry Vandecoevering

  • Image preview Gabe Bishop: Mind what you have learned, help you it can

  • Image preview Johnny Weigel: The skills that you have honed here are like any tool: they must be maintained lest they become dulled and disused

  • Image preview Brief bio of Marilyn Sbardellati

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