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Benefits: Health Benefits: Kaiser Medical (HMO)


With Kaiser as your health insurance plan your coverage includes medical services and providers within the Kaiser Permanente network. You will choose a primary care physician who will be responsible for your health care, making referrals to specialists and approving additional medical treatments. There is a significant reduction in out-of-pocket costs as you will pay a flat co-payment for the medical services received. Care received from a physician outside the network is not covered unless you are traveling or in the case of an emergency.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Thinking about joining or want to learn more about Kaiser Permanente?
Watch a quick video to discover what kinds of services they offer their members.

New To Kaiser Permanente?
Everything you need to get started is right here.

What Is Covered Under My Plan?
Check out your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) of benefits.

Although the coverage period is for 4/1/14 through 3/31/15, your deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket limits, etc. are for the calendar year.

Formulary (Covered Drugs)
View the list of drugs that have been approved.

Where Can I Get Care?
Find a convenient location near you.

How Do I Refill My Prescriptions?
Find out all of the ways you can refill your prescription.

Where can I find the complete details of my Lewis & Clark group plan?
Please see our evidence of coverage.

Care While You Travel
What to do when you are away from home.

Do You Have A Student Out Of The Area?
View this form for more information.

Getting Emergency Care
What do I do in the case of a sudden illness or injury?

Select a Physician Who’s Right for You

Selecting a doctor that you trust and feel comfortable with is an important step to keeping healthy. Participants may search from the medical staff directory at any time to find out more about the practitioners before deciding, or they can schedule an appointment with any doctor that is available and select him or her after their visit.

Transfer Your Prescriptions:

Call the main pharmacy number in your medical office at least three days before you need the refill. Usually they can arrange a one-time refill of a prescription written by a doctor outside of Kaiser Permanente. Certain prescriptions require that you see a Kaiser Permanente provider before you are able to refill them. Once you have a prescription written by a Kaiser Permanente provider, you have the option to fill it online with postage-paid mail delivery.

Healthy Living Catalog

The Kaiser Permanente Healthy Living Catalog provides you with detailed information on all of the health classes, health programs, and resources available to take the best care of yourself and your family.

Accessing Your Benefits Online:

To see all of the features available visit and select the Oregon/Washington region to continue. After registering online participants can schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, view medical records and test results, e-mail their doctor’s office, change their mailing address and much more.

Contact Info:

Group #: 1495-001

8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

503-813-2000 local
800-813-2000 out of area

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