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All posting for on-campus work study positions is done through our hiring site, PeopleAdmin.  Students can apply for the position directly through the website and you can review their applications online.  Once you have selected the students you want to hire, you can move them through the “workflow” and create a hiring proposal for the student.  You have control over the posting process, designating when you want the position posted and when you want to take it down from the website.

To access PeopleAdmin, open your internet browser and go to the following URL:

Log in using your Lewis & Clark user name and password. 

People Admin Training Manuals

Posting a New Position

Reposting a Closed Position


Hourly Wage Ranges

These pay range guidelines take into consideration the increase in Oregon’s minimum wage effective January 1, 2014. The minimum wage allowed is $9.10 and the maximum allowed is $10.00. However, within these parameters, supervisors have the flexibility to increase the hourly wage of employees by 15-25 cents per hour to reward exceptional performance. It is highly recommended that supervisors start their student employees at the minimum wage rate to allow room for advancement according to increased skill level. Hiring at the maximum rate means students would not be eligible for advancement. Exceptions to wage rates are approved by Student Employment. Student Employment reserves the right to deny a department’s or organization’s Federal Work-Study position and/or pay level request. Please contact the Student Employment Coordinator at 768-6266.

  • Clerical/Manual:  $9.10 - $10.00 per hour
  • Technical:  $9.10 - $10.00 per hour



Human Resources

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