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Human Resources

Hiring Resources for Supervisors/Managers

Human Resources is here to help you find your way through the recruiting process. While recruiting can seem daunting at first, our electronic applicant tracking system, PeopleAdmin, has greatly streamlined the process and shortened the time from seeing off your former employee to welcoming your new one.

1. Obtaining Permission To Fill:

  • Please update the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) and Job Description for the position you are filling. If you need a copy please contact Human Resources.
  • If the position is part of the LCCSSA, please contact HR with regards the minimum qualifications for the education and work experience requirement.
  • Submit the revised PDQ and Job Description to Human Resources.
  • Create the posting in People Admin here.  Please review the posting instructions.  
  • Let Human Resources know when the posting is ready and they will submit it to the VP for Business and Finance/Treasurer and the VP and Provost for Executive Council approval to fill.

2. Posting the Position:

  • Once the position has been approved to fill, Human Resources will complete the posting process.

3. Selecting The Right Candidate:

  • Review the applications for the posting.
  • Interview all qualified internal candidates. If you do not select an internal candidate who is a part of the LCCSSA, you must provide them with an explanation in writing as to why they were not selected, and copy the union president.
  • If you are hiring for a position in the LCCSSA and the candidate has relevant experience as a student employee, they will be given 50% credit.
  • Conduct interviews with the finalists.  Contact HR about SkillSurvey reference checks.  
  • Select a candidate who meets at least the minimum qualifications.                                                         

4. Completing The Hiring Process: 

  • Once you have identified your top candidate, contact Human Resources so they can initiate the Background Check process.
  • If you did not use SkillSurvey for the reference check, you will need to contact at least three professional references.          
  • Submit the reference notes to Human Resources.
  • Once Human Resources has completed the background check, the offer can be made. Please note: no offer can be made until the three references and the background check have been completed.