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Bio of Guy Dobyns

Guy Dobyns, Class of 2010

Davis United World College Scholar
United World College-USA (Montezuma, New Mexico)


Born: Forks, Washington
Lived in: USA
Major: Environmental Studies

Guy was born in Washington but grew up in Indiana where he lived with his parents and an older brother and sister. His Dad, a doctor, practiced medicine mostly in low-income areas of the state. His Mom, a counselor and day care worker, also believed in giving to and nurturing the community. According to Guy, “I was brought up with the expectation that I would volunteer and help others. Maybe that is why I am interested in Environmental Studies with a focus on economic development.”

Guy knew in middle school that he wanted to attend United World College. He remembers his whole family packing up and taking a cross-country trip to Victoria, BC, Canada where they dropped his sister off at Pearson United World College of the Pacific. “The trip was such fun and when we arrived on campus, we got to meet my sister’s roommates from around the world. It was such an exciting feeling,” Guy says.

When Guy was in his junior year of high school, he applied to both the UWC program and several universities. “I applied a year early, hoping that I would be accepted to UWC, spend two years in that program, and then continue on at college.” Guy’s plan worked out perfectly. “I applied to good schools like Colorado College, Earlham, Hampshire and Lewis & Clark and I was accepted to them all. But, I also got my acceptance from UWC and I really wanted to take advantage of that opportunity,” Guy remembers.

When Guy was filling out the UWC application, he listed his choices in order of preference as Norway, Wales, Italy, and India. “New Mexico was probably sixth or seventh on my list.” But, Guy quickly adds, “I have no regrets about spending two years there. It was a wonderful school and a great experience. In fact, there were opportunities at UWC-USA, like the Wilderness Leadership Program, that I might not have had elsewhere.”

In his first year at UWC-USA, Guy participated in the Wilderness Leadership Program with his classmates. They went on outdoor trips, learned skills such as first aid and navigation, and learned to enjoy the out of doors. As a second-year student Guy became head of the new student orientation backpack trip and led the new students on a three-day wilderness adventure. Later that same year, during project week, Guy led a group of UWC students on a weeklong trip to the Grand Canyon. He was also involved with the school’s Search and Rescue program. “Our group was part of two real search and rescue operations during my second year,” Guy remembers.

While Guy has not (yet!) had the chance to travel outside of the North America, he certainly wants to. “I had roommates from Israel and Bulgaria and I made great friends from Norway, Germany and Eastern Europe. I have standing invitations to visit them and I can’t wait to do some traveling.”

After his two years in New Mexico, Guy decided to attend Lewis & Clark College. “Of the colleges I applied to, Lewis & Clark appealed to me the most. I really liked the interdisciplinary approach of the Environmental Studies program and I was impressed with the variety and accessibility of the College Outdoors program.”

Guy is happy at Lewis & Clark. “I like the Portland location and the beautiful campus,” he says. “The classes are very strong. I am taking Exploration & Discovery, Ecology, Spanish, and Economic Development. I really enjoy the Economic Development course with Professor Hart-Landsberg. I’ve had economics in the past, but the course was mainstream and theoretical. From Dr. Hart-Landsberg I’ve learned that mainstream models do not always follow through.”

At Lewis & Clark Guy has continued to pursue his interests in the outdoors. He has already been on College Outdoors trips to the coast and to Mt. St. Helens. Later this semester he plans to serve as student coordinator for one of the spelunking (caving) trips at the College. He has also joined SEED (Students Engaged in Eco-Defense). Guy also hopes to join Lewis & Clark’s overseas program to Kenya/Tanzania in a year or two because of its emphasis on environmental studies.

As for the future Guy says, “I want to do something in sustainable development in third world countries. We need better development models than we have now, particularly in agriculture and green architecture. We need to do something better for the environment and at a lower cost.”

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