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Bio for Oleh Zadoretskyy

Davis United World College Scholar
Pearson United World College of the Pacific


Born: Stryi, Lviv Region, Ukraine
Lived in: Ukraine, Canada, USA
Major: Pre-Law

Oleh began his international excursions as a Ukranian high school student when he was accepted into the Freedom Support Act Future Leaders Exchange program (FSA-FLEX) sponsored by the United States State Department. He was placed with a US family in Orlando, Florida. He describes life with his host family as “very interesting and a great learning experience.” One thing that surprised Oleh most is that “American do not tolerate injustice. They never hesitate to point it out or to fight against it.”

When Oleh returned to the Ukraine, his principal took him aside and told him about the United World College program. Oleh was surprised at the application process. “In Europe you usually qualify for programs based only on academics. I was surprised that the UWC program required not only excellent grades, but also a well-rounded personality, the ability to get along with others, to be cultually tolerant, and so forth.”

After interviews with former UWC students, Oleh was selected for the UWC program and was accepted at his first choice school—Pearson United World College of the Pacific in Victoria, BC, Canada. “I loved the environment because it was so diverse. My three roommates were from Canada, Ghana, and Nicaragua.” Oleh also appreciated the high academic quality and the the ideals and goals of UWC.

Oleh began his journey to Lewis & Clark when his high school counselor, Andrew Spray, suggested a look. Oleh had heard of Lewis & Clark, but he did not know a great deal about it. He looked at the L&C website. He spoke with some of his teachers and students currently at L&C. Oleh also spoke with Mike Sexton, Dean of Admissions at Lewis & Clark, when he visited Victoria. “That’s when I finally, finally decided that I wanted to go to Lewis & Clark,” Oleh revealed. After talking with Mike Sexton, I felt really confident that I wanted to go to Lewis & Clark. All of the other applications were just for back up.”

Oleh arrived at Portland International Airport in the fall of 2006 and was met by Houston Dougharty, the Dean of Students. “I couldn’t believe that the Dean of Students and his family came to meet me. They carried my bags and brought me to the campus and helped me move into my room! It was wonderful.”

Oleh is happy to be at Lewis & Clark. “The school has an excellent academic reputation, a challenging curriculum, and skilled professors from prestigious universities.” “It’s just the right size, too. It is easy to meet my professors which is important to me.”

Oleh is taking German again this year with the hope of participating in Lewis & Clark’s overseas study program in Munich in his junior year.

After Lewis & Clark, Oleh hopes to go to law school either in the US or in Europe.

How many Davis UWC Scholars are there?

Lewis & Clark currently enrolls thirteen Davis UWC Scholars, but we hope to add to that number each year.