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International Students and Scholars

Davis United World College Scholar
Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Canada)

Marko DemkivI was born in the city of Lviv, which is situated in western Ukraine, and despite the fact that I no longer live there, I still consider it to be my home. When the time came for me to go to school, my family decided to move to the capital of my country, Kyiv.  I lived in Kyiv for the last 10 years of school.

During the school years I became interested in ecology and developed a special interest in geography. Geography still fascinates me today.  One of my main extracurricular interests in school was soccer, to which I dedicated nine long years of my life. Unfortunately, because of injuries and other factors, I wasn’t able to continue my participation on the team. Afterward, I developed interests in various areas, such as tennis, coin collecting, poetry and photography.  I remain really passionate about these interests and I spend a fair amount of time obtaining new skills in these areas. 

I was not granted a UWC scholarship on my first attempt, but I was persistent.  I re-applied and received a scholarship to UWC Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific. The two years that I spent there were crucial in forming my personality as well as my worldview. I am sincerely grateful to Lester B. Pearson UWC, and especially to the people who made me change my views and destroyed the many stereotypes I had. I used all the opportunities given to me at the UWC to gain as much international experience as possible because the opportunity was definitely unique. I tried my best not to miss any chance to broaden my views. After making friends from all over the world, I am really strong in my belief that community benefits significantly from various perspectives.

Right now I hope that I will be able to integrate all the experience I received at UWC Pearson College at Lewis & Clark. Once, when Brian White, Associate Director of International Students and Scholars,  arrived to give us the presentation about Lewis & Clark, one of the questions he asked us was: “What are you searching for in a university”. My answer was that I strongly believe that it is essential that my personality fit into the values and goals of the university. I still think this is true and that’s the main reason why I chose Lewis & Clark. I truly believe that this is the college that will match my personality as well as my interests in both academic and extracurricular life. I am also really pleased with the attitude Lewis & Clark has towards international students.  I felt valued by L&C and it contributed greatly towards my decision. I really hope that the next four years of my stay at L&C will advance of my areas of interest and help me enjoy learning and living.