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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

Brenda Barnum

Candidacy for President


Economics & Mathematics

Academic Year:


Countries Lived in:
Japan, Singapore, USA

ISLC Board positions previously held:

Secretary (‘11-‘12), ISLC to ASLC Representative (‘12-‘13)

1.      Why are you interested in this position, and what assets could you bring to the ISLC Board and students in our community?:

I’m interested in running for President of the ISLC Board because I feel that after serving for two years on the board in two different positions- Secretary (‘11-‘12) and the ISLC to ASLC Representative (‘12-‘13), that I have a lot of insight on how the board works and have a good idea of what I could really bring to the role of President. I am heavily involved on campus, and feel that I could utilize these connections to better serve our International and TCK community here at LC.

2.      If selected, what are your goals for ISLC? What would you like to see done? :

I definitely do have some goals in mind for ISLC next year. From having served on the board for two years now, I feel like I have a good understanding of how the board works and what our successes and failures have been. I would like to see more collaboration on projects between different groups on campus. I would also like for some of our meetings to be open meetings. While we serve a larger International and TCK community, I sometimes feel that as a board, we are a bit separated from this greater population and I strongly believe that having some open meetings could really help us to expand our outreach to better serve our constituents.

3.      Have you had any leadership experience organizing activities or events? If so, please explain briefly, what it was. Do you have any activities or events that you are interested in doing?:

Yes, I do believe that I have a lot of leadership experience. One role that I feel that I have especially learned a lot from is from my role as a Resident Advisor in Akin Hall, our multicultural engagement hall this year. As an RA, I put on weekly community builders and monthly educational programs. This has given me a chance to learn how to organize activities and events on this campus and how to best go about doing that. Some other leadership roles that I have taken on at LC include being a tour guide and an admissions ambassador, a co-founder of Rice Club, a committee member for 3CE’s Spring Into Action event, and I will be a co-president of our Japan Club next year.

Candidate statement.:

As someone who has been a member of the ISLC board for two years now, serving as Secretary (‘11-‘12) and the ISLC to ASLC Representative (‘12-‘13), I feel ready to take on the role of the President of the ISLC Board. I am driven, organized, and enthusiastic, and feel that I can bring these qualities to the role. In addition to ISLC, I am connected to a lot of other areas on campus including Campus Living, Admissions, 3CE, Campus Activities Board, and Rice Club, just to name a few. I hope to continue bridging together groups on campus. I am excited to continue working with the board and the greater International and TCK community at LC in an effort to bring people together and to celebrate our backgrounds that make us who we are. I look forward to working with faculty, staff, and students to try to bring ISLC to its full potential.