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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

Ira Yeap

Candidate for ISLC to ASLC representative










Psychology & International Affairs

Academic Year:


Countries Lived in:
Thailand and Canada

ISLC Board positions previously held:

IT & Media Advisor

1.      Why are you interested in this position, and what assets could you bring to the ISLC Board and students in our community?:

I am interested in the ISLC representative to ASLC because it gives me the opportunity to work along side ASLC in pursuing the same goal as ISLC in enhancing Lewis & Clark’s student body and community experience. As an extension to ASLC, we can hone in our resources in supporting the demands and needs of the student body. I am very organized and meticulous when it comes to completing a task on time, I am also very punctual. No task is too big for me to handle, and I would like to help and support each board member of ISLC so we can work efficiently together. I work well independently, as well as working with my fellow board members to achieve a goal and also provide a fun and engaging work environment. I am able to voice my opinion even if it goes against the main consensus.

2.      If selected, what are your goals for ISLC? What would you like to see done?:

First and foremost, I would work to maintain a board that works efficiently together and can trust each other from the get go. Each member has to realize that it is not just the President or the Executive board that calls the shots, but it is the entire group that has to commit to making a big difference in group dynamics. I would suggest that we do an activity or and outing when the members are settled to get the group oriented with our directions and goals. Secondly, after establishing the foundations of the group, we should really look into improving our recurring events by looking through past suggestions and recommendation upon planning the events. This would give us a clear idea of what worked and what didn’t.

3.      Have you had any leadership experience organizing activities or events? If so, please explain briefly, what it was. Do you have any activities or events that you are interested in doing?:

As a board member this year, it was great to see non-executive board members taking on leadership roles for specific events. I served as the IT & Media advisor (2012-1013). There were numerous events such as the Iron Chef, Secret Santa, Valentine’s Day Booth, Pumpkin Carving and the International Fair that I helped coordinate. During my time here at Lewis & Clark, I took leadership roles during the New International Student Orientation last year.  I would like to see if ISLC can provide discounted prices to events in Portland and the community. We can help sponsor ticket prices and perhaps transportation for the event. It would nice to do an event such as Spring Into Action, a volunteer orientated event. Giving back to the Portland community by co-hosting a volunteer event where we take students out to community and participate at specific organizations will help promote our sense of belonging as a community.

Candidate statement.:

As an international student, ISLC has provided us with events and opportunities to celebrate cultures from all over the world with the L&C community. I love learning about other cultures and seeing my fellow peers excited about the events we have in store for them. Having served on the ISLC for 2 semesters, I have seen and participated in ISLC’s goal of representing the international student body that encompasses a wide variety of cultures. The goal of ISLC is not to strengthen the bridge between the international students and american students, but it is to promote an integral unity of the entire Lewis & Clark community. By catering our resources and efforts to events that fosters a positive experience for the whole community.