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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

ISLC Board Members 2016-2017


President: Sina Heng ’17

ISLC 16-17 Sina

I am a senior biology major from Cambodia and it is my honour to serve as ISLC president this year. With the capacity of this position, I wish to inspire and encourage fellow international and American students to explore and learn more actively of differences amongst one another and to take advantage of the opportunities in and around our highly diverse campus. As international students, we represent our countries and carry the value of our cultures in addition to our personal interests and experiences. We are here, at LC, not only to pursue our degrees, but also to experience the American culture and to share our own, with the expectation that the American students will do the same. ISLC board will act as a catalyst to support and encourage this engagement and learning process. ISLC’s door will always open for any kinds of discussion, or even chit chatting, snacks and tea.




Bridget Flaherty, ISLC Advisor and Associate Director of International Students & Scholars

I’m originally from Missoula, Montana, but I have lived in Portland on and off over the past ten years, and have spent time studying abroad in Austria and teaching English in Japan. When not at work, I love to travel, eat delicious food, cook, read, hike, cross-country ski, and explore Portland and the northwest.








 Vice President: Kodai Kubota ’19

I’m a Japanese Davis scholar here at LC as a Sophomore. I’m thinking of majoring in IA and minoring in Econ and Chinese. I’ve lived more than half my life outside in the US and Singapore. I love backpacking and photography learning about various cultures. I am very excited to get to work with everyone on the 52nd annual International Fair.




ISLC Representative to the ASLC: Rinyuda Promphenrangsi’ 17

I was born and raised in a small town in Thailand until 14 years old and then I moved to India for my secondary education. In India, I experienced such various cultures and people from all over the world. The best thing I learned after India was how to respect other people’s opinions and perspectives. Through ISLC to ASLC representative position, I hope to convey both international and local opinions on any topics of interest. In terms of personal interest, I like studying foreign languages. I believe that all the languages are beautiful, and I always get excited to finally understand something in other languages. I am also a foodie and hence I love food and trying out new restaurants. Lastly, I am super excited to spend my final year in college to serve ISLC board with all the cool people! 


Secretary: Uwella Rubuga ’19










Mambooo! This is Uwella from Tanzania. I’m planning to major in Economics and possibly minor in Computer Science. I’m a member of the BBA club (Bantu Ba Africa), BSU, the French club and the ASLC (Associated Students of Lewis & Clark) Finance Committee. Music, dancing and travelling are my greatest passions. I really enjoy being in the outdoors trying out new food, new games, going to new places, meeting people, and just having fun. 


Chairperson of Activities: Vinaya Bharam ’19, Puthyda Keath ’19




I am Vinaya from Pune, India. I finished the last two years of high school in The Netherlands. I am an International Affairs and Economics double major. I love dancing, especially Bollywood dance. I can also cook good Indian Food. I am very excited to be a part of the ISLC board because it provides international students with a platform for free expression and representation.





Hi Friends! My name is Puthyda (Not Put tie da, Not Potato but Pu-T- Da). I come from Cambodia. I am a sophomore with Biochemistry major and hopefully I can do French minor. This year I am thrilled and very excited to be part of the ISLC board, with the role of Chairperson of Activities and especially to be working with my awesome partner, Vinaya and of course everyone on the board too. A little bit about me, I like to challenge myself by picking up new skills such as learning how to play guitar, paint, knitting/crochet and learning new languages. And Yes, I still haven’t mastered any of these yet! More about me? Yes! Food is my most favorite thing and that means I love eating. So if you want to cook, get food carts or boba or just looking for an eating buddy, let me know, I will never say no to food! 

Chairperson of Publicity: Nhi Ho ’20

I am a freshman from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Before coming to Lewis & Clark, I lived in Singapore for 4 years. I’m planning to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and minor in Environmental Studies. I love dancing, drawing and photography so I’m extremely excited to create some amazing materials in this position. I am looking forward to try out new things at Lewis & Clark (like studying a new language or a new form of arts) and to work with international students and americans through ISLC.




Chairperson of Finance: Nick Tan ’19


Hello Pios! I’m Nick Tan, a second year student from Malaysia currently pursuing a Mathematics and Computer Science major. I’m passionate about Scouting, food and puzzles. As the Chair of Finance this year, I hope to maximize our budget and to ensure our funds are spent efficiently and effectively. 



IT & Media Advisor: Hongyi Jiang ’19

Hi! I’m Hongyi, currently a sophomore at LC majoring in Studio Art. I lived most of my life in Changshu, China before studying abroad in the Netherlands three years ago. Having stayed in Portland for a little over a year now, I just love how dynamic the city is. I can go on forever talking about good food, art of all ages and cute French bulldog Instagram pages. But I am very open to everything and would like to talk to as many people as I can. I hope that I could bring all LC community’s voices to the ISLC board and promote shared values between LC’s international community and local community.



Student at Large: Andrea Blobel Pérez ’19, Sara Worku ’19













I am from Santiago, Chile, lived for five years in Switzerland and spent two years in Victoria, Canada pursuing the IB diploma at Lester B. Pearson UWC of the Pacific. This year at LC, I am a sophomore pursuing to major in Sociology/Anthropology and minor in Political Economy. I love knitting, photography, hiking and playing soccer. I joined the ISLC board because I would like to create more bridges and connections between internationals and the domestic students that go beyond cultural evenings. 




TCK Representative: Gabriela Tost ’18

Was born and raised in Quito Ecuador, but also lived in Italy. Her mother was born in the USA and her dad in Venezuela. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Economics. After graduating from Lewis and Clark, Gabriella hopes to continue her studies in Germany. She loves traveling, reading, and outdoors activities.




AES Representative: Shogo Shihoba ’19

I’m from Tokyo, Japan and a sophomore this year. Most of the time, I
was in Japan, but I went to Canada for about 1 year for an overseas
program when I was a high-school student. I like to play many kinds of
sports: basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball. Also, I like to play
pool recently. As an AES Representative, I devote myself to connect
International students, especially AES students, and American
students. Since I went to Canada, I know how difficult it is to
interact with Native English speakers while not being good at English.
We really tend to be with the same types of people, don’t we? So, my
goal is to see both American and International students hanging out by
themselves!  (By the way, hopefully, you would recognize my face when
you see me lol)





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