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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)


ISLC Board Members 2013-2014


Lame Ungwang, President image

Lame is a Botswana native who studied in Swaziland’s United World College prior to enrolling at Lewis & Clark. She has been involved in several activities at LC, including the ISLC since sophomore year. She is passionate about service and giving back to the community that has for so long been a source of support for her and her peers. As she completes her B.A. in Economics & International Affairs this year, Lame hopes a lot of international students will fully utilize the ISLC in whatever capacity they so choose.


Trushaa, Vice – President

imageI am a Junior from Mumbai, India, majoring in  History and minoring in Transfiguration.     hobbies include dancing, pretending I’m a witch, eating things smothered in cheese, making detailed travel itineraries and hating on incorrect grammar. I first joined the ISLC as Chairperson of Activities during my freshman year at Lewis & Clark. The international community on campus makes me ridiculously happy, and I am really excited to be working on the board again!


 Ira Yeap, ISLC to ASLC representative

Thai girl finding her way in the big North continent. I love the international community here and all that it has to offer. It is a beautiful sight to see people from across the globe and locals coming together on this hill. I was fortunate enough to have two places that I can call home: Bangkok, Thailand and Vancouver, B.C. I couldn’t have asked for a better setting growing up. Loves: French bulldogs, SHARKS, Pandas, burgers and being around the awesome people here at Lewis & Clark. Did I mention I love burgers?


 Thandwa Maphalala, Secretary


My name is Thandwa Maphalala and I am from the beautiful Kingdom of Swaziland. I am a Sophomore at Lewis and Clark, and I recently declared as a Communications major with a possible Political Economy minor and I hope to further my studies in Law. I enjoy keeping up to date with current affairs, spending quality time with my family, I love to fellowship at church or anywhere, and my favorite show at the moment is Suits. A fun fact about me is that I talk to Oprah in the mirror. It’s a thing! I look forward to being of service to the ISLC and the Lewis and Clark community at large.



Yash Desai, Finance


I am an international student from India. I am currently majoring in Economics, and minoring in Mathematics—and yes, I actually enjoy it. On the brighter side of things, is my approachable, affable, and joyful nature. I love talking to people, sometimes,even about pointless things. That said, I am extremely excited to serve as the chairperson of Budget and Finance as, for one, it will act in conjunction with the career path that I might choose. And also, I believe its high time I contribute to an organization that has made life so much easier,  and enjoyable for international students.

p.s: I love dogs


Hawi, Activities

imageI am a Ethiopian who grew up in Germany and finished high school in Canada(great country!). I am currently in my junior year and majoring in economics. In my free time I spend a lot of time sleeping, dancing and dreaming about future travel destinations. I am proud to be one of the Chairpersons of Activities this year and very confident that we will host awesome events and make everyone super happy. One of my goals as an ISLC board member is to work on fostering closer relationships between Internationals and Americans, as I think it is an important aspect that doesn’t get enough attention.


Sina, Activities

imageI am a freshman from Cambodia. My major is undecided, Environmental studies possibly. After attending UWC Atlantic for 2 years in Wales, I started to enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. Therefore, I feel excited to be a part of this board.


Ang Li, Publicity

imageI am an international student from China.  studying Psychology and Studio Arts at Lewis & Clark. My main focus of serving in ISLC is to establish strong bond among different groups of students and to make your voice heard to the best of my ability. I’m dedicated to bringing up a more lively and dynamic ISLC with my team fellows. Come and talk to us as ISLC is a supportive resource for you. You are our root, and therefore we care, we love, and we serve. Submit a comment, concern, idea, or suggestion and tell me what you would like to see improved or offered at ISLC. Or please just drop in and grab a cup of coffee with me sometimes.


Aneta Vargova,Publicity

imageI’m an international student from Slovakia. I’m a sophomore double majoring in International Affairs and Foreign Languages (Russian and French). I attended UWC- USA in New Mexico. I used to be very much involved in the student government at my high school and a student council back in Slovakia. I loved working with my peers and already started missing that part of my life, so I’m really glad to join the ISLC board this year.


Ugyen Lhamo, Publicity/TCK Representative

imageKuzoo, my name is Ugyen and I decidedto become LC’s first Bhutanese student at the ripe age of 16. I love to (as every woman should) cook, bake, and travel. Although I am of complete Bhutanese descent, I mostly grew up in Italy and Switzerland. Ever since high school I have loved being involved in groups that organize events and facilitate community bonding and that’s why I’m overjoyed to be on the ISLC board this year. I am also on the TCK board and a coordinator of the Buddhist Club, that has only recently been established on campus. I look forward to working with this year’s board and hope to see YOU at our events. Ciao for now.





Matthew Wong, Student at Large 

Wong Kah Weng - Matthew was born and bred in Malaysia before being an itinerant traveler to India and subsequently to the USA. In frivolous travels to England, France, Australia, China and then serious stuff (studying) in India and the USA, he encountered and engaged with different people, cultures and sought to comprehended different accents. Thus, his interest in meeting new people, trying to humanize relations and international affairs. Penchant for tea, sports, 80’s music, international films and chilling.


 Lindo Simelane, Student at Large

imageI come from a family of six;I have two older sisters and a younger brother. My hobbies include playing and watching football(soccer), watching movies, shopping and hanging out with friends. I am rather extroverted, fun-loving and real easy to get along with. I’m not a fan of reading, spiders or chocolate (Yes CHOCOLATE!) . My favourite foods are; chicken (grilled, fried, boiled, you name it!), froyo and sushi.


Mariane Diaw, AES representative


I was born in Dakar, capital city of Senegal. I went to a catholic school in Dakar up to grade 11. Then I was selected to attend UWC Pearson College in Canada. It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with over 200 students from others cultures and backgrounds. Now, I am a Davis Scholar at L&C. So far, I am aiming to major in Economics and minor in Maths. My plan this year is to make ISLC more effective to students and achieve greater outcomes in ISLC events. As representative of the AES program, I will do my best to fully meet my commitments about my position.

Parul Sohal, IT advisor


 I am a small city girl from India. In my free time I love to watch American TV series and eat cuisines from all around the world. Travelling is another thing that excites me immensely. Once I sailed around the world with my dad. I wish I can do that again. Planning to major in computer science, but have quite some time to decide that. While I am here in Lewis and Clark I hope to discover Portland fully and it to the list of places traveled.



Laura Stewart, Law/Grad & PDX-Outreach Advisor

imageMy name is Laura Stewart. I’m from Swaziland. I’m currently a masters student at Lewis and Clark Law School. I believe in pragmatism and diversity; I will spend my term strengthening the link between our campuses as well as broadening the scope for real life, cross cultural immersion between students at all campuses and the greater Portland area. Here’s to new beginnings and infinite possibilities.


Bridget Flaherty, ISLC Advisor and Assistant Director of International Students & Scholars

imageI’m originally from Missoula, Montana, but I have lived in Portland on and off over the past ten years, and have spent time studying abroad in Austria and teaching English in Japan. When not at work, I love to travel, eat delicious food, cook, read, hike, cross-country ski, and explore Portland and the northwest.





ISLC Board Members 2012-2013

 Asraa JaberISLC President

 Lame Ungwang,   ISLC Vice President

Rita OmbakaISLC Vice President

Brenda Barnum, ISLC to ASLC Rep.

Katherine KellerSecretary

Thao Phuong Tran, Chairperson of Finance 

Nanya Jhingran, Chairperson of Activities

Chris Chew, Chairperson of Activities 

Maneesha Horshin, Chairperson of Publicity

Jasmine Yan, Chairperson of Publicity

Emile Dultra,  Student at Large

Caron Rayford (CJ), Student at Large

Kathleen Burckhardt, Third Culture Kids Rep.

Vicky Radenkova, Third Culture Kids Rep.
Neil MurrayAcademic English Study Representative

Irada Yeap, Information Technology Advisor

Bridget Flaherty, ISLC Advisor and Assistant Director of International Students & Scholars