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Information for Faculty and Staff

*New Postage Rates Effective January 2016*

Information for Faculty and Staff

The campus Mail room is located on the main level of Templeton Student Center. View the daily schedule.

The campus mail service serves as a distribution center for incoming college mail and deliveries of outgoing mail and is not an official U.S. Post Office. Incoming mail is delivered to campus daily by 12:00 pm and is distributed throughout the afternoon and the next morning. Stamped mail must be in the mail room by 11:00 am to go out the same day.

Please note: if you must have personal items delivered to work, you will need to come and pick them up from the Mailroom. The same goes for any outgoing items; please bring them to Mail Services and we’ll be happy to help get them to where you need!

When planning a large Bulk/Standard mailing, consult with Mail Services (x7867) to ensure that it is prepared according to postal regulations (which may change from time to time). Notify Mail Services well in advance of large mailings. Permit mailings are processed in the order received.

Mail Services can certify letters but does not register mail or insure packages. Parcels may be insured by shipping via UPS through the mail room.

Campus mail must include names and Mail Stop Code (MSC) numbers and should be deposited in the appropriate outgoing mail slot, which you can find to the right of the Mail room window. The sender should indicate his or her MSC number on the outside of the envelope for possible return in case delivery cannot be made.

Notices of Lewis & Clark events to be delivered through campus mail should be delivered to the mail room well in advance of the event. Distribution time is reduced if MSC numbers are in numerical order.

Federal Express outgoing items are picked up from the Mail room at 3 pm, Monday through Friday. FedEx supplies may be obtained from the mail room. Forms for department charges must be picked up from the Business Office in the Frank Manor House.

Mail Services

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