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Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom)

Amy Drill

Senior Communications Officer (aka Art Director)

My Job: I have the pleasure of collaborating with talented colleagues in PubCom to help staff (and sometimes faculty) across all three schools develop materials that help recruit students and raise money. I focus on the design and production aspects of the projects. Most of the things I work on are realized in print publications, but I also art direct for other media. I also coordinate and art direct photography and manage logo usage for the institution.

Diversions: I’m a dabbler - I like to try lots of different things. I garden, knit, play cards, take photos, sew, do calligraphy, experiment with painting and printmaking. I enjoy traveling, reading, listening to audiobooks (my commute takes an hour each way), watching movies (especially romantic comedies with happy endings), going to Afternoon Tea, and eating chocolate. 

Passion: My family—husband Darin and daughter Faith—our parents, siblings, cousins, etc. … they are our social life and we love it.

Recent activity that makes me stretch: Serving on the national board of directors for my professional organization - UCDA (University and College Designers Association). I’ve always been grateful to be connected with this group and I value the interactions and friendships I’ve been able to make over the years. I’m what you would call an introvert, so the mingling and networking and social outreach - while enjoyable - push me outside my comfort zone for sure. I’m hoping to find ways to put this new-found stretching capacity to good use as a board member and help the introverts unite!