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Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom)

Lise Harwin

Director of Public Relations

HarwinLise Harwin has come a long way. About 2.1 miles, to be precise.

A native Portlander, Lise grew up just past the intersection of Taylor’s Ferry and Terwilliger — mere minutes from campus — so coming to Lewis & Clark feels a bit like coming home. Between then and now, Lise has made a career in public relations, venturing from life-saving at Emanuel Hospital to life-affirming at the American Red Cross and now life-changing in higher ed.

And, while she admits that the University of Michigan is no small, liberal arts college, she’d be quick to retort that UM’s Residential College (where she attended) has just as many piercings, hair colors and creative writing majors (of which she was one) as Lewis & Clark.

When she’s not pitching stories, writing web content, tweeting, and updating Facebook on behalf of the institution, she’s out exploring Portland’s vibrant arts scene and trying every new restaurant she happens across. She might also be deploying across the nation to help media during disasters on behalf of the Red Cross’ Advanced Public Affairs Team. While she doesn’t write for fun as much as she used to, you can still find her signature affinity for alliteration online at Portland Picks and Apartment Therapy.