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Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom)

Filming and Photography Policy

We generally do not allow our campus to be used by outside individuals or companies for filming or photography for commercial purposes. Exceptions are made on rare occasions when we determine that the proposed project furthers Lewis & Clark’s educational mission or strengthens our ties to the community and will not disrupt activities on campus or in the surrounding neighborhood.

Note: This policy does not apply to digital and print news media, which are generally welcome on campus.

Filming and photography fees will be determined by the Office of Conferences and Events in accordance with the schedule that appears below. Additional fees for Lewis & Clark services requested or required in connection with filming or photography activities, such as police, grounds restoration, traffic control, and parking, will also be charged to the user.

To request permission for filming or photography, contact the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.

Public Affairs and Communications will:

  • evaluate proposals for their appropriateness and potential to further our educational mission;
  • when permission is granted, ensure that the proposed filming or photography abides by negotiated agreements concerning identification of Lewis & Clark in the final product; the institution generally insists that we not be identifiable so as to avoid implied endorsement of a given product or company.

The Office of Conferences and Events will:

  • determine the logistical feasibility of the requested shoot;
  • obtain the approval of the staff member responsible for a given campus facility prior to issuing any permit for use of that facility;
  • provide all coordination with other campus entities and services as necessary when the permit has been issued;
  • determine the need for assigning an on-site campus film location manager for filming activities and make provisions for the deployment of such a manager.


Fee Schedule

  Film/television Still Documentary
Initial tour of location No charge No charge No charge
Tech scouting with
site manager
$35 per hour $35 per hour $35 per hour
Tech scouting with engineer and/or facilities $75 per hour $75 per hour $75 per hour
Half day
(6 hrs or less) *
$3,000 $1,200 $1,500
Full day
(7-12 hrs) *
$5,000 $1,600 $2,500
Overtime $500 per hour $100 per hour $100 per hour

* Fees are based on a half-day/full-day rate system, with the “clock” running from the time of the arrival of the first vehicle until the departure of the last crew member.