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Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom)

Email Signatures- Public Affairs and Communications

Simple is best. Email signatures can seem like a fun place to express individuality—or to impart extra information. But it is important, for both technical and professional reasons, to use care and some restraint when creating your signature file.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Not all email clients render fonts, HTML, and image files in the same way, so complex signatures often yield unexpected results. Also, more and more people are reading email on the go, which means they are limited to small displays. This is why we advise a minimalist approach.

How to keep it simple:
  • Use your email client’s default font.
  • Keep line lengths short.
  • Stick to plain text. Do not use font attributes or colors.
  • Use,, or, not a more specific (and longer) URL.
  • Include only what every member of your audience needs.
What to avoid:
  • Do not embed images or other files in your email signature.
  • Do not replace or override the standard delimiter (—).
  • Do not include personal information of any kind, including decorative elements or quotes.
  • Do not include links to non-Lewis & Clark websites.
  • Do not include anything generated by another party, application, or add-on (such as WiseStamp).
  • Do not include disclaimers not required by law. (Example: “Consider the environment and don’t print this email.”)
  • Do not overwhelm your recipients with unnecessary information.
Use the ampersand—but only in “Lewis & Clark.”

Some users of Thunderbird may encounter a spacing problem with the ampersand. If this happens to you, edit your signature block by adding <br> to the end of each line. IT can provide assistance.

School Designation

As with stationery products, use the school name that corresponds to your position.

Lewis & Clark College (undergraduate)

Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling (graduate)

Lewis & Clark Law School (law)

Lewis & Clark (institutional)


Models for Staff

Joe Becker
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
Lewis & Clark 


Joe Becker
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
Office of Public Affairs and Communications
Lewis & Clark


Models for Faculty

Brian Blum
Associate Dean of Faculty, Professor of Law
Lewis & Clark Law School
Legal Research Center, Room 339


Katharina Altpeter-Jones
Associate Professor of German Language and Literature
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Lewis & Clark College
Miller Center, Room 328


You may choose to include a degree in your email signature. 

Morgan S. Grether, Ph.D.
Director of New Media
Lewis & Clark

If you are an alum, we encourage you to include your Lewis & Clark degree(s) and class year(s) in your email signature. 

Dawn Montgomery Ed.D. ’07
Assistant Professor of Educational Administration
Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling
Rogers Hall, Room 304

Professional Accreditations

You may choose to include any professional accreditations relevant to your position at Lewis & Clark. 

Kris Codron, SPHR
Associate Director of Human Resources
Lewis & Clark