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Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom)


Though we do not have a dedicated staff photographer, we have an extensive library of images taken by professional photographers on behalf of Lewis & Clark for high-level institutional projects—such as the Chronicle—and for critical projects that fall within the scope of our work and have broad utility.

Using Images From PubCom

Download images for your website.

If you’re seeking photographs for your webpages, we offer a curated selection of images from our digital image library. Please see the web-resolution galleries here and contact the new media staff if you need assistance.

For use in projects produced through PubCom, we keep high-resolution versions of all images we obtain from professional photographers  Under most circumstances, we do not release high-resolution images for projects produced outside our office. Those images we do release must be used for Lewis & Clark communications only, and are not for personal or commercial use. We do not release images for use by students. If you would like to request high-resolution images from our digital image library for use in other projects, fill out and submit the Request to Use Images form. We will respond to your request within three business days. 

Questions about photos? Contact us.

Providing Images to PubCom

In most cases, we have photos—or will hire a photographer to capture images—suitable for the projects involving our office. In some cases, however, we must use images supplied by others.

If you are coordinating a project that requires an image not supplied by our office, it is very important to be mindful of size and resolution issues. To ensure good quality for print publication, make sure any digital image is at least 5 inches by 7 inches at 300 dpi. An 8x10 glossy is great, too.

Event Photography

Public Affairs and Communications is only minimally involved in event photography. We do not have a dedicated staff photographer. At our discretion, we may coordinate professional photography for some events—such as alumni weekends, commencement, and symposia—that may yield images for use in communications we produce.

Need to Hire a Photographer?

If PubCom is unable to offer suitable photos for your project, we can help you budget for photography and put you in touch with photographers. Just contact us.